Dan at Yogalicious 


By Michelle Ricciardi

“Little kids always get freaked out because my ears are stretched out from my gauges.” This is an ironic character trait for someone who works at a frozen yogurt shop with every single type of topping you could think of from cheesecake and brownie bites to Captn Crunch cereal. Plus, it even doubles as an ice cream and shake shop and candy store. Dan also plus four different musical intruments. Not to mention, he is has also been a vegetarian since he was 11 years old. What abrace commitment for such a young kid! Don’t judge a book by its cover. Just another interesting person right here in Pleasantville.


2 thoughts on “Dan at Yogalicious 

  1. Echoing Alexis’ comment, I was very enticed to read more about Yogolicious because froyo is such a guilty pleasure of mine. In all my times going, I had never thought to talk to the people working there. Yogolicious has such a fun atmosphere, and I can definitely see it attracting very fun personalities. Dan seems like a really dynamic character, and your quirky facts matched the overall vibe of your post really well.


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