Juliana from Thornwood

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Jean Jacques is one of my favorite off-campus spots. Not only because their cappucinos are absolutely divine (not to mention, the macaroons!!!!), but the cafe visitors are always extra sassy and always have a story to share…

So how often do you come to Jean Jacques?

Well I used to live here in Pleasantville so I used to come very often. Now I’m in Thornwood. I left my car to get inspected at Mavis Discount Tires across the street and realized I was really hungry, so I walked over. 

What’s your favorite thing to get from here?

Their French fries are pretty awesome. 

What’s one thing people don’t know about you but you wouldn’t mind them knowing?

I’m a nutty person. I like to have a good time and after having a divorce, I don’t take anything too seriously anymore.  

Juliana definitively embodied that sprit as we had this brief and delightful conversation. And she recommends that the next time you need a new place to visit in town – come to Jean Jacques.

Written by Nihal. 


One thought on “Juliana from Thornwood

  1. I’ve been so eager to try this place, but never have! You already sold me on getting a macaroon and cappuccino when I do!

    Ps. loved the personal quote at the end! Definitely was unexpected and really made the story.

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