What is your proudest moment as a parent?

“Proudest moment…. I’m proud of both my children, and my grandchildren!”

Dave sitting on his motorcycle Picture by: Thomas Bløndal
Dave sitting on his motorcycle
Picture by: Thomas Bløndal

Dave is retired and lives in Sleepy Hallow with his wife, he just visited Pleasantville go to the local bakery. Dave has worked as a truck driver, a “computer guy” and as a college teacher in New Jersey, but now he enjoys retired life. Dave didn’t own a car until about the year he turned 24, he drove around in a motorcycle, but when he moved to New Jersey and Manhattan he got rid of the bike for safety reasons. Now that he lives in Sleepy Hallow, he has gone back to riding motorcycles, he bought the bike in the picture about a year ago. Dave also owns a dirt bike, but doesn’t prefer one over the other, he loves riding them both, it reminds him of his younger days. Dave has never had any serious bike accidents, but he once burned his leg when the bike fell over him. Dave avoids heavy bikes like Harleys because he needs to be able to lift the bike if it ever was to happen again. Both of Dave’s children are now fully-grown, and they have blessed him with three grandchildren, all three boys.


2 thoughts on “Dave

  1. I really enjoyed this. But more than anything the photograph stood out to me. i thought to myself who is this man? He is on a rather big motocycle and seems like he has a story to tell. Really cool find.


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