“You Know Ocean and lake? Well my name is River. “

Tell me one thing about yourself that people don’t know but you would like them to?

“I’m a good man.”

“I had a good life when I was single but a happier one now that I’m married. Because God gave me two kids and a sweet wife – and we are poor, but we are happy. The money that I have now is just to pay my dues. And I’m okay with that.” 

Sitting in the back of the Pleasantville Dunkin’ Donuts, enjoying a small coffee, River embodied so much positivity as he briefly told me his story. He never stopped smiling as he talked about his struggles because he continued to appreciate what he has – knowing how other people might take his simple life for granted. He also talked about how money ruins people and only makes them hungrier for it and more greedy in life.

I had to agree. We live in a very capitalistic and individualistic society – and obviously, those two things are fueled by money, and the societal norms that make us believe success is only associated with money. Success is when you can sit down and genuinely tell a stranger that you’re happy. Wishing River the best of luck!

Written by Nihal 


2 thoughts on ““You Know Ocean and lake? Well my name is River. “

  1. Hey Nihal,
    Good post! I really like the title for the post I think its a good way to draw people in and I think its kind of cute as well. I also really like what River had to say. Its nice to see someone that feels so sure and content with their life! Thats definitely a feeling we should all aspire to have.

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  2. This post is one of my favorites because I always hear people commenting about how awful their marriage is and how they want to make more money. It’s so sweet to see that this man can admit that he is happily married and more happier than he was single because you don’t hear that too often. I also love how he is okay with telling you that he’s poor, and tells you that he’s happy anyway. It’s true that money can’t buy happiness. For me, I’d rather be poor and happy than to be rich and depressed. This is a great post, Nihal!

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