Lieutenant Erik Grutzner

Lieutenant Grutzner infront of a police car
Photo by: Thomas Bløndal

“There has definitely been times where I was scared, the unknown situations could be nerve wracking.” Lieutenant Erik Grutzner grew up in Carmel, New York and went to the University of Albany as a history major, and he also took his Masters degree in  Public Safety Management at Pace University. As an undergrad he took his police exam and eventually got called into the Pleasantville Police Station where he has worked for 21 years. Lieutenant Grutzner likes working for a small town where he feels he is being a part of contributing to the community. One of the joys he gets with his job is that he now sees people that had trouble with the police growing up coming back and starting families. Lieutenant Grutzner also says that due to recent incidents across the country that has put the police in a bad lighting that everyone in law enforcement fully understands that they need to reach out to the communities more.


4 thoughts on “Lieutenant Erik Grutzner

  1. Hi Thomas,
    This post really stood out to me. I think because the picture is very striking, Lieutenant Grutzner is not in uniform and seems like a regular guy in front of a police car in the town of Pleasantville. I love the picture because it is says so much without saying much at all. I also liked how you related it back to the police incidents happening across the country today.


  2. I agree with Rebecca and Alexis, the picture is awesome! But I also think this is an interesting post. Law enforcement is under a lot of heat lately, and I was surprised to read that he commented on it. I liked that he has such a focus on the community and strives to better the small town of Pleasantville.


  3. Like the commenters above me, I was instantly attracted to the photograph you used for this post. What a fantastic shot! His anecdote about seeing former police run-ins returning with their families was very sweet and made this profile dynamic. Like the photo, Lieutenant Grutzner’s comments speak to both the gritty hardships of police enforcement and the quaint charm of working in a small village like Pleasantville.


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