Jenny Puchir


Are you a student from around here?

“I work at Warren Tricomi in the city. I’m the youngest style assistant to be offered my own chair at a salon. They’re setting me up in the Hamptons for the summer.”

Jenny is only 22 years old and works for one of the top hair salons in the country. She is from Valhalla and hangs out at Michael’s Tavern in Pleasantville from time to time. She drives to the city each morning around 6 am to set up the salon for her boss. She has worked with models for NY fashion week, photo shoots, and house calls. She has also worked with Whoopi Goldberg, Nina Garcia, Mary-Louise Parker, and Alec Baldwin.


2 thoughts on “Jenny Puchir

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Just stopping by to leave my comments and came across this post! The idea you guys have is really cool I like how you give a quote and then picture and some information about your people. It has a very similar vibe to The Humans of NY, which i know you guys were going for. I think Jenny is a cool person to highlight for In and out of pleasantville.


  2. I agree with Rebecca, this blog was a great idea! I love the Humans of New York blog and I think that the tiny town of Pleasantville has a lot of interesting people, just like Jenny. I’m curious to see who else you guys will be able to feature on here!


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