Jessica Matalevich


What’s your biggest strength and why? 

I am passionate. Because I think that you have to have passion for something you want to do. Life is more interesting when you really like something. I am determined and always get things done. It’s just better. I’m a communications major at Pace, and I’m passionate about media, music, TV, and film and I want to turn that into a career.

You go girl. That’s the spirit! And I had to ask…

Favorite Starbucks drink?

Mocha cookie crumble.


Dan at Yogalicious 


By Michelle Ricciardi

“Little kids always get freaked out because my ears are stretched out from my gauges.” This is an ironic character trait for someone who works at a frozen yogurt shop with every single type of topping you could think of from cheesecake and brownie bites to Captn Crunch cereal. Plus, it even doubles as an ice cream and shake shop and candy store. Dan also plus four different musical intruments. Not to mention, he is has also been a vegetarian since he was 11 years old. What abrace commitment for such a young kid! Don’t judge a book by its cover. Just another interesting person right here in Pleasantville.

Juliana from Thornwood

FullSizeRender copy

Jean Jacques is one of my favorite off-campus spots. Not only because their cappucinos are absolutely divine (not to mention, the macaroons!!!!), but the cafe visitors are always extra sassy and always have a story to share…

So how often do you come to Jean Jacques?

Well I used to live here in Pleasantville so I used to come very often. Now I’m in Thornwood. I left my car to get inspected at Mavis Discount Tires across the street and realized I was really hungry, so I walked over. 

What’s your favorite thing to get from here?

Their French fries are pretty awesome. 

What’s one thing people don’t know about you but you wouldn’t mind them knowing?

I’m a nutty person. I like to have a good time and after having a divorce, I don’t take anything too seriously anymore.  

Juliana definitively embodied that sprit as we had this brief and delightful conversation. And she recommends that the next time you need a new place to visit in town – come to Jean Jacques.

Written by Nihal. 


What is your proudest moment as a parent?

“Proudest moment…. I’m proud of both my children, and my grandchildren!”

Dave sitting on his motorcycle Picture by: Thomas Bløndal
Dave sitting on his motorcycle
Picture by: Thomas Bløndal

Dave is retired and lives in Sleepy Hallow with his wife, he just visited Pleasantville go to the local bakery. Dave has worked as a truck driver, a “computer guy” and as a college teacher in New Jersey, but now he enjoys retired life. Dave didn’t own a car until about the year he turned 24, he drove around in a motorcycle, but when he moved to New Jersey and Manhattan he got rid of the bike for safety reasons. Now that he lives in Sleepy Hallow, he has gone back to riding motorcycles, he bought the bike in the picture about a year ago. Dave also owns a dirt bike, but doesn’t prefer one over the other, he loves riding them both, it reminds him of his younger days. Dave has never had any serious bike accidents, but he once burned his leg when the bike fell over him. Dave avoids heavy bikes like Harleys because he needs to be able to lift the bike if it ever was to happen again. Both of Dave’s children are now fully-grown, and they have blessed him with three grandchildren, all three boys.


Sheila Hu

Why do you like coming to the Jacob Burns Film Center?

The movies here are thoughtful. They are not just entertaining, but also intellectually entertaining.

Sheila is a librarian at Pace University. Here she poses with my friend George, after she got us popcorn.


C. Villamayor


“You Know Ocean and lake? Well my name is River. “

Tell me one thing about yourself that people don’t know but you would like them to?

“I’m a good man.”

“I had a good life when I was single but a happier one now that I’m married. Because God gave me two kids and a sweet wife – and we are poor, but we are happy. The money that I have now is just to pay my dues. And I’m okay with that.” 

Sitting in the back of the Pleasantville Dunkin’ Donuts, enjoying a small coffee, River embodied so much positivity as he briefly told me his story. He never stopped smiling as he talked about his struggles because he continued to appreciate what he has – knowing how other people might take his simple life for granted. He also talked about how money ruins people and only makes them hungrier for it and more greedy in life.

I had to agree. We live in a very capitalistic and individualistic society – and obviously, those two things are fueled by money, and the societal norms that make us believe success is only associated with money. Success is when you can sit down and genuinely tell a stranger that you’re happy. Wishing River the best of luck!

Written by Nihal 


Anthony from Dunkin Donuts 

  Written By Michelle

What is the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you while working here?

Anthony was working his shift at Dunkin Donuts one day when an angry customer approached him. The man had ordered a cake for his child’s birthday party (from the Baskin Robins/DD store) and the cake was not ready. Someone had lost the order and although they offered to give the man another cake, he refused and began to shout angrily at all of the workers. The manager tried to deal with the outraged customer but the man was cursing and started the threaten the manager. Another customer called the cops and the man had to be escorted out of the store.